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Before Looking for Bus Tickets for Travel, Check the Latest Restrictions and Guidelines Below!

Transportation services are an important need of the community. Public transportation in the form of buses is the main choice for Indonesian people. The reason is that buses have a wide range of bus types and ticket prices are very affordable.

To see the latest PPKM regulations level 1-4 throughout Indonesia, please visit:

It is just that you need to remember that the pandemic is not over yet. Therefore, the government issued a new regulation to suppress the number of COVID-19 cases in the country. Before starting your journey and booking your bus ticket, make sure you keep the following points in mind.

  • Based on Circular Letter Number 12 of 2021 concerning Travel Provisions for Domestic travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the government has limited travel activities outside the city or province. This restriction applies not only to people travelling by private vehicles but also to public transportation.

  • The above points are also confirmed by the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs No. 15 of 2021 concerning the Implementation of Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in Java and Bali.

  • Long-distance transportation services using public or private vehicles are still allowed to operate. However, there is a limit of 70% maximum occupancy capacity accompanied by strict health procedures.

  • Especially for urgent conditions such as official travel, medical treatment, and visiting family members, the individual concerned is allowed to travel under certain conditions.

  • People who need to travel for out of town work are required to bring a letter of assignment from the head of the workplace. Meanwhile, people who will seek treatment or visit sick/deceased family members need to carry a special permit.

  • People who travel long distances, whether using public or private transportation, are required to show a vaccine card. Bus and train users are required to attach a rapid antigen test result of at least H-1. Meanwhile, flight passengers must show the results of the H-2 PCR test.

  • Provisions related to show vaccine cards, PCR, and rapid antigens do not apply to passenger children under the age of 18 years.

  • Passengers are also required to present the Peduli Protect application at every departure checkpoint.

  • Every passenger is required to apply health protocols and equip themselves with hand sanitisers, wet wipes, and spare masks. To avoid crowds, take advantage of the online bus ticket booking services available. Much more practical and safer.

  • Save emergency contacts handling COVID-19. In case of an emergency, you can contact:
    • National hotline center specifically for COVID-19 at 119 EXT 9

    • Call center 112/ 081112112112/ 081388376955 (Jakarta)

    • 0274-555585/08112764800/ (Yogyakarta)

    • Call center 112/119/08112114152 (Bandung)

    • Call center 112/1500-132/08112900132 (Semarang)

    • Call center 112/1500-117 (Surabaya)

    • 0254-7921283/085215779659 (Banten Province)

    • 1500-451/0361251177/085792240799 (Bali)

    • 081365043311/081368288282 (South Sumatra)

    • 0721-470508 (Lampung)

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Can I travel within Indonesia by bus during COVID-19?

Yes, you can. There are some locations that prohibit travel due to the high number of cases. You can enter your journey details in the search bar, and buses will be displayed on routes that are not under lockdown.

Is it easier to pay for a bus ticket online or at the counter?

It is definitely easier to make your bus ticket payment online. The bank/card details are kept secure and safe through various encryption process. Once the payment is made online, the bus seat is booked and the customer does not have to carry any extra money to make any further payments towards their bus ticket at the bus counter.

If I book a bus ticket online, will the bus schedule change?

No, once the bus schedule is displayed on the redBus platform, the bus schedule will not change.

How do I report an issue I faced with a bus operator to redBus?

You can visit the main page of redBus and click on the “Help” option that’s available. You can follow the simple steps to take you where needed. You can even view the details on Pay@Bus, Flexi Ticket, bus offers, Refund Guarantee, etc.

Can I cancel or reschedule my bus ticket once it has been booked?

In most cases, yes, you can cancel and get a refund or you can reschedule your bus ticket that was booked through the redBus platform. Look for the “Reschedulable” or “Cancellable” tag when you look for a bus ticket. The policy may vary from one bus operator to another so do check the operator policies before booking.

Can I select my own seat?

Yes, you can. When you visit the redBus portal and select the bus, you can select a seat among the seats available on that bus.

What is Pay@Bus?

For those who do not wish to make a payment online, they can book their bus ticket on the redBus platform and then make a payment at the bus counter before they board the bus. Pay@Bus is available on certain operators so visit the bus operator page on the redBus platform before booking.

Are buses safe to travel in during the pandemic?

Bus operators take all precautions possible to ensure that all passengers are safe. Linens are not provided to prevent the spread of COVID-19, thermal checks are done, hand sanitisers and masks are mandatory, and passengers are advised to not travel if they show symptoms of COVID-19.

Are there any discounts available when I book a bus on redBus?

There are many discounts available on the redBus platform and a customer can select the same at the time of booking. Visit the redBus homepage to know more!

How much luggage can I carry on the bus?

This depends on the type of bus that you book. It is advisable to call the operator when you book the bus to get a detailed report on how much luggage you can carry and where it would be stored on the vehicle.

How can I buy bus tickets through redBus?

You can book a bus ticket online by downloading the redBus mobile app on your Android or iOS device. Alternatively, you can visit the official website of redBus, Indonesia. Choose your source, destination, and date of journey. Choose your preferred bus based on schedules, latest prices, amenities, boarding/dropping locations, or ratings and reviews that are provided by passengers who have previously used the bus service.
Once you have selected your bus, you can choose your preferred seats as well. Enter the information of the passenger(s) and complete your payment by using any one of the available payment modes such as Virtual account transfers, Manual bank transfer, Alfamart, Indomaret, GoPay, Ovo, and credit/debit cards. Once redBus confirms that your payment has been completed and received, the e-ticket will be sent to your registered email and mobile number automatically.

How can I board my bus using a redBus ticket?

Check your email to find your redBus ticket. Your ticket will contain information about whether the bus company that you have selected accepts a mobile ticket or not.
a) Procedure for bus companies that accept mobile tickets:
Go to the agent's office at the boarding point and show your mobile ticket SMS (no need for print outs). You will be issued a ticket that can be used to board the bus.
b) Procedure for bus companies that don't accept mobile tickets:
Go to the boarding point agent office and present the print out of your redBus ticket. You will be issued a ticket that can be used to board the bus. It is safer to carry a print out of the ticket as the agent's office may not have a working printer at their office.

What is the redBus seat guarantee program?

redBus works hard to always provide the best possible travel and booking experience to every customer. However, in an unlikely and rare event that you are not allowed to travel on the bus or your preferred seat is not provided, the seat guarantee program ensures the following:
a) You are not allowed to travel: 200% of the amount paid is refunded back to you
b) Your preferred seat is not provided: 100% of the amount paid is refunded back to you

How can I contact redBus?

You may write to us at or call us at 021-39706060. Our call center is open from 07:00 AM to 11:00 PM WIB.

I missed my bus. Can I get a refund?

Customers are recommended to show up at the designated boarding point at least 45 minutes prior to the departure of the bus. If a customer misses their bus because they were not on time, the refund does not apply.